Who we supply

We supply a number of sectors

Active Pharma we are a specialist provider of:

APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for human and veterinary use

Pharmaceutical excipients including many GMP grade versions for the human and veterinary use.

Research and Development materials for in a variety of biotechnology applications and life science investigations.

Ingredients for the VMS or food supplements industry.

Cosmetic ingredients especially the latest generation of active cosmetic ingredients.

Fine chemicals for a variety of applications.

Teaching and learning chemical materials for use in schools, colleges and universities.

Technical grade materials.

We service clients globally with access to over 300 quality manufacturers worldwide. 

Our industry knowledge ensures our customer service team understands your needs, allowing your orders to be personalised and tailored to your requirements. 

We also cater to specialised requests from all industries needing to source raw materials. 

Our clients are

  • Community Pharmacies

  •  Hospital pharmacies in including manufacturing units

  • Wholesalers

  • Specials manufacturers  

  • Veterinary Manufacturers

  • Animal Feed manufacturers

  • Cosmetic manufacturers

  • Aesthetic product manufacturers

  •  Food supplement manufacturers

  • Advanced manufacturing sector.
  • Irradiation sterilisation providers.
  • Lifescience and Biomedical Industries.