Pharmacist led expertise in pharmaceutical starting material sourcing – Active Pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and Excipients.

Your Trusted Source for Diverse Pharmaceutical Needs

Expertise in Comprehensive Supply Solutions

From providing small batches for clinical trial manufacturers to large-scale Bulk API for licensed human and animal medicines, we specialize in managing extensive supply chains. Our expertise extends to ensuring timely local deliveries, regardless of the complexity or length of the supply chain.

Services Tailored for Every Phase of Product Development

  • New Product Development: Offering both product and regulatory support to streamline your innovation.
  • Reliable Alternative Sourcing: Proactive change control management for sourcing second or alternative suppliers.
  • Specialized in Low Volume API: Catering to Specials manufacturers with precise requirements.
  • Support for R&D and Formulation Development: Supplying R&D quantities for Contract Research Organizations.
  • Pilot and Small-Scale Production: Ideal for Process Validation or Clinical Trials Manufacturing.
  • Quality Standards and Reference Materials: Providing impurities and reference standards.

Our operations are firmly grounded in the principles of Good Distribution Practice, combined with a deep understanding of the unique demands of each sector to facilitate a seamless process.

Enabling Your Project’s Success

Leverage our global market search capabilities to maintain the economic continuity of your supply chain. We specialize in overcoming challenges where others might falter, ensuring the steady progress of your projects.

Confidentiality and Integrity: Our Core Principles

  • Discreet Operations: We maintain confidentiality in the supply chain, ensuring the source and end-user of an API are disclosed only when necessary.
  • Robust Data Integrity Policy: Our policy guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of shared data, preventing any circumvention.
  • Market Research and Source Validation: We conduct thorough market research for initial source identification, ensuring confidentiality until the final disclosure.

Pharmaceutical Merchant Service: Secure and Reliable

Trust us to facilitate safe and secure financial transactions across international borders, particularly crucial in times of heightened risk of invoice fraud. Discuss with us how we can support your project’s critical early-stage cash flow and become your partner in mitigating financial risks.

The Importance of Redundant Supply in Today’s Market

In an era where supply shocks and unforeseen events are common, having a backup supplier is essential. Contact us to establish a contingency plan with a reliable supply chain, competitive pricing, and solid contracts. This strategy is vital to maintain your product’s availability and market presence, even through global crises.

Ensuring Continuous Supply Amidst Trading Challenges

Our team is dedicated to securing a consistent supply of ingredients, even in the most challenging trading conditions. Work with us to explore solutions for uninterrupted supply.

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