Don’t get high off your own supply!

Cannabis based products are being sold on Amazon and Ebay market places that are illegal. If these guys don’t pay attention they may lose their merchant services or worse.

CBD rich cannabis extracts are very popular and selling very well on Amazon and eBay.

Many of the CBD products that are being sold on these ecommerce sites are illegal. If the product contains anymore than 1mg of THC per pack then it is scheduled under the misuse of drugs regulations as a psychoactive substance. CBD oils that claim a 10% concentration or weaker products sold in packs larger than 10mls will invariably contain THC at a level of 1mg or higher.

Although the selling of illicit products such as THC containing food supplements or products is a direct violation of the sites policy. Many sellers are listing in the wrong category or using coded descriptions to circumvent the listing engines’ policy guidelines. For example, a hemp oil with CBD 5% listed in hair and beauty as body oil. Also, they simply may not be accurately declaring their products content of THC.

For eBay there appears to be no automatic restriction at all imposed as they simply rely on customers to report violations.

eBay or Amazon imply they do not want to sell these products, but their duplicity is obvious.

Amazon makes significant products being an outlet for questionable products. I would say cannabis oil should be treated differently by them. I am also surprised that their top flight executive have not yet provided effective safe guards or that analysts have not spotted a major business system vulnerability.

THC is illegal above 1mg per consumer pack. it makes the product legally a narcotic. Cannabis is federally illegal in the USA in non-medical forms. US federal regulations bar businesses that sell cannabis from banking.

Being a party to the sales process by offering merchant services and handling the proceeds would be breaking US federal drug law. We are talking criminal offences that could result in prison and or a fine.

Paypal bar cannabis sellers but not eBay cannabis sellers. Almost all merchant service providers bar cannabis sellers but Amazon continues. Are they breaching stringent banking regulations? Could they be cut off? Someone upstairs needs to get their head out of the smoke and check!

by Marc Borson, A pharmacist with special interest in Cannabis products. Marc Borson provides a full spectrum of consultation activities including GMP for the cannabis industrial sector. To engage Marc Borson as a consultant contact

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