We supply “lab-grown meat,” factories with the purest and highest quality raw materials for nutrient broths and cell culture control.

Invitro meat production nutrients and culture materials can be supplied in any pack sizes needed for your production run.

Our materials are high quality and readily available, we supply a range of nutrients and biopharmaceuticals that are GMP certified and suitable for Human and Animal Use.





All materials have a complete BSE/TSE chain of custody documentation and are risk assessed to be free of BSE/TSE. Written statements are provided.

Active Pharma Supplies Ltd, has material readily available from our 3 temperature zone GDP warehouse in the UK. All material is pharmaceutical and food grade for human and animal use.

  • Minerals
  • Sugars
  • Hormones
  • Growth Factors
  • Ionic salts
  • pH buffers
  • Human use Surfactants
  • GMP Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • A wide range Antibiotics
  • A wide range Antifungals
  • Organic molecules
  • Biosimilar molecules
  • Customised Monoclonal Antibodies and Biologicals
  • Plant sourced biopolymers for structuring
  • Plant based proteins.


If you need to source cell starter culture media – we can help

Nutrients and Hormones also supplied.



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